Developing Leadership Capability in the British Muslim Community

The AGM Randeree Scholarship offers a unique opportunity for intelligent individuals who are actively engaged in the British Muslim community to develop their leadership capabilities. It has been established to support those with leadership potential to enhance their intellectual reach through study at one of the world’s leading universities, and to nurture their leadership capacity through mentoring and a 2-4 week placement with a respected relevant community or research organisation.

Community Connections

Migrant communities have settled in Britain throughout its history. They have made a huge contribution to the public life of their new country. However, making that contribution needs individuals – community leaders and public intellectuals – who are knowledgeable, articulate and able to build bridges from their communities to the rest of British society. Building these bridges is challenging, pioneering work. Those who do it have to stretch out to understand the majority, but must also stay rooted in their communities to communicate and interpret what they learn.

Become A Bridge Builder

Are you a future community leader, who has the commitment and intelligence to support and represent your community in wider society, but also to study, learn and bring back your experiences, so as to explain, to create mutual understanding, to transform prejudice into trust, and contribute to the creation of a cohesive society?

If this challenge appeals to you, and you are already active in the British Muslim community and have a good first undergraduate degree, you could be supported on a Master’s course at the University of Cambridge, to further equip you to become one of these “bridge builders”.

 Supporting the Future

Cambridge is one of the world’s greatest universities. The graduate courses are tough, but hugely rewarding. If you have the ability and the motivation to be accepted, you can expect exhilarating intellectual satisfaction, being taught by and working with academics who are leaders in their fields. You will also be supported by the University, the College and the Trust to develop your ideas, knowledge and understanding to enable you to play a part in leading your community towards greater integration in wider British society.