The Randeree Charitable Trust and St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, are to offer a scholarship for an outstanding individual that will cover the full costs of tuition and accommodation for a year and enable them to study for a Master’s graduate degree at the University of Cambridge. The range of courses to be supported is wide and includes History, Philosophy, Education, South Asian, Asian, and Middle Eastern studies, Public Health, International Relations and Politics, and Development Studies. Where it does not form part of the Master’s programme chosen, a theological component may also be added to the course to further enrich the scholar’s studies.

The selected scholar will be provided with a personal mentor to support and guide them during and after the course. They will further undertake a placement with a community related or research organisation to enable them to test and develop their skills and insights. The selected individual will become an alumnus of St Edmund’s College and the University, with their powerful networks of friendships and contacts, and their professional careers advisory service. These elements combined will ensure an excellent grounding for the leadership and bridge building work expected to follow after the scholarship experience.